Me and My Staff

Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic in Southern Colorado

Romy Nicoletta Veterinarian at Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic

Romy Nicoletta, DVM

Romy Nicoletta DVM is the Large Animal vet “extraordinaire”. Most recently she bought the practice Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic in rural Walsenburg in Colorado. I’ve been practicing for 12 years now and haven’t worked a day yet.

Romy earned the degree as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the Field Of Study Equine, Food Animal, and Public Health emphasis in 2006 at the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine

Her career started in Wyoming, included some time in Virginia, and now Colorado is home. She has advanced training in equine Medicine and Lameness, and beef production.

Kent Hay, Veterinarian at Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic

Kent Hay, DVM

Dr Hay has always been a cowboy at heart, and was born with the western pioneer spirit. So it was only natural after he sold his multi-doctor small Animal practice in Chicago, that he and wife Kathy loaded their wagon and headed West.

Providence smiled upon us in Huerfano County, because Dr Hay staked his grub in Paradise Acres and the pets in Huerfano County have been benefitting from his surgical expertise and medical knowledge breadth since 2008.

If your dog or cat needs a technical surgery, be sure to schedule a consultation with Dr Hay before heading North. With his experience there’s not much we cannot handle! Were we filming Lonesome Dove, veterinary twist, Dr Hay might be analogous to Gus.

Dave Schroeder, Veterinarian at Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic

Dave Schroeder, DVM

Dr. Schroeder, affectionately called Dr. X, has been practicing veterinary medicine for 40+ years.

If you are fans of Lonesome Dove, we think of Dr X as our Woodrow Call. While growing up on a ranch in eastern Colorado, he absorbed the ways of the old time "horse whisperers" in the round pen.

While he’s done “everything”, one of his lesser known accomplishments is qualifying for and competing at the feedlot cowboy National Finals Rodeo in Reno, NV. He is a closet cat lover, an expert at bovine and equine reproduction, and also an expert bison (aka buffalo) specialist.

Lynn Green, LVT Head Technician/office manager at Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic

Lynn Green, LVT Head Technician/office manager

Lynn is our insanely capable licensed vet tech.

Her training and credentials make her the veterinary equivalent of a P.A. You can rest assured that your pet is in safe and competent hands under her care and supervision.

Clients and team appreciate her quick wit and humor.

Brenda Eakes, LVT at Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic

Brenda Eakes, LVT

Brenda Eakes is a licensed vet tech (LVT) who recently joined our team.

Her Motherland is Canada, and we are thrilled with the breadth of experience she brings to our practice.

April Galassini, receptionist and veterinary assistant at Rio Cucharas Veterinary Clinic

April Galassini, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

We are thrilled April agreed to join our team in March 2018.

She’s a Walsenburg native and knows almost everyone. Clients love her cheerful and familiar face greeting them on arrival, or on the other end of the phone line.

April is a hard worker and we are honored to have her on board.